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16 March 2009 @ 08:09 pm
Easter Line/Twitter/CPSIA Stuffs  
Easter Egg Spin ToysHappy Easter!!

I've been so busy working on getting our Easter line listed that I completely forgot to come back and post when we made our decision regarding CPSIA legislation and our listings.

Our Easter Line for this year includes everything from bright colored dice and yo-yos to bunny crayons, crayon egg cartons and tri-color easter egg spin toys.  These can be found on our etsy shop in the holiday section.

CPSIA Update:

Since we have 3rd party verification/certification on all of the products we use in the manufacture of our toys, we know that we are able to meet or exceed the requirements in the new CPSIA legislation.  Also, because our paints are certified "lead-free" by our supplier we do not believe we fall under the requirements of the lead-paint testing rule, as it is written in the legislation.  So we will be able to continue selling our toys, at least until the expanded rules and labeling laws go into affect in August and/or the new testing requirements go into effect at the end of the year.  For that reason we have relisted all of our products on our Etsy shop (which is our main shop while our sales site is under renovation).  Our toys (including the painted toys) were relisted after our previous update, I just forgot to blog about it to let everyone know (oops).

New Ways to Follow StoryBlox:

Since I'm pretty bad about remembering to update this blog, send out newsletters, or update our website, I'm trying a couple of new things.  StoryBlox now has a Facebook Page as well as  Twitter Stream.  I will do my best to keep both as up to date as possible. 

Flickr Account Gone:
On another note, our Flickr account was deleted, for reasons that will likely forever remain unknown, so our apologies that the images on the rest of this blog are now broken.  We will do our best not to use 3rd party hosted images in the future.