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14 February 2011 @ 11:49 pm
Recycled Crayons are back (for a limited time)!  

I'll start by apologizing for not updating the blog for so long.  Hopefully I'll do better with this in the future, but if you'd like to keep better track of us, and see special offers and updates that we don't post here or on our main website, please join us on Facebook or on Twitter where I do a much better job.
Recycled Crayons Banner

In any case, I have some good news to share today: our recycled crayons will be back in time for Easter!  I'll be re-listing some in our shops starting today, and we'll be ramping up production again to try and get everything restocked in time for the Easter season.

Due to a bit of confusion on our part we stopped selling them after the CPSIA legislation came out and the original stay was lifted, thinking the extra 3rd party testing far too expensive to continue selling these.  The testing would be prohibitive, however, it turns out that there is still a stay in place for these types of products, which has recently been extended until the end of this year.

I would like to stress that our crayons *are safe*.  We only recycle crayons that conform to the ASTM-D safety standards, which have been in place for years.  The extra layer of testing that the CPSIA will eventually require, however, is expensive, and nearly impossible to do for one of a kind recycled products.  We melt down wax in color batches, as needed, and would be expected to ship off samples and pay for separate testing on every single batch, if not every single crayon.  This would make our crayons ridiculously expensive, and would be far too much hassle to justify.

With the stay in place, however, we will be able to offer them until the end of the year.  So stock up soon if you need crayons :) 
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