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18 March 2008 @ 07:17 pm
Announcement: Crayon Recycling Program  
We've finally worked out the details, and you can consider this the official kick-off for our crayon recycling program.  We're always in need of new crayons, please feel free to share this with everyone you know :)

5% Off per Pound of Crayons Received (25% Max Discount1)
on Your Next Order of Up to $2002

This means that for each pound of crayons you send to us, you can take 5% off of your next order. We will round your shipment up to the nearest pound, so if you send a handful, you'll still get a 5% discount, if you send 2.5 lbs you'll get a 15% discount. Discounts will apply to your next order of up to $2002, and the maximum discount you can receive is 25%1.  This discount cannot be combined with any other special offers, and must be used within a year of receipt of the crayons.

Crayons can be sent to:
StoryBlox™ Crayon Recycling Program
c/o Customized Data Solutions
P O Box 27
New Vienna, OH 45159
Be sure to include your name, organization name (if applicable), and a number and/or email address you can be reached at so that we can contact you to verify receipt. Crayons sent can be any brand, size, shape, color, or condition. Dirty, broken, labels, no labels... we'll take whatever you have and sort it out later.

1. Special exceptions may be made to the 25% max discount or schools, churches, and other educational organizations. If your organization has more than 5 lbs worth of crayons to send in, please contact us through our website, here, before shipping if you'd like to discuss this possibility.
2. Depending on what you're ordering, orders over $200 may qualify for a wholesale discount, which would probably be better than the recycling discount.  If you place an order of this size after sending your crayons, you can use the discount on your next order under $200, as long as it's used within a year.